July 17-22, 2012 – In its second year, Revolutions Cap-Chat is expanded to 5 days, and features a multi-disciplinary celebration of dance, electro music, visual arts, film and climbing.

Electro music fest

3 days music and multi-arts event. Around famous DJs like Matthias Meyer (Germany), My Favorite Robot, Euphonik, Beaner (Germany), JAMS (USA), Roux SoundSystem and several others. Surrounded by wind turbines, between sea and mountains, you will never forget this exceptional experience.

Climbing day

If you are a rock climber, you will certainly experience practicing your sport on one of the tallest wind turbine in the world, which challenges both your mental and physical capabilities.

Film fest

Shoot and realize a video, in less than 3 days. Be a part of Kino and get a chance to win prize !

ALWAYS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, under the giant EOLE wind turbine…

this second year of the electro music festival is now expended to three days, gathering together DJs, videographers, dancers, rope climbers. Revolutions Cap-Chat is being brought to you by Jean-Louis Chaumel, executive producer, Euphonik, artistic director and the RCC team, a non profit organization. (Geographic situation of Cap- Chat’s windmills park) En savoir plus…


The small village of Cap-Chat, home to Canada’s most spectacular windmill park with 133 windmills, is located in the unique Gaspe peninsula region. See Révolutions Cap-Chat on a larger map.